Monica Loretti conquered Europe by its quality and refinement!

20-23 May 2016 at the International leading exhibition in Milan Si Sposaitalia,

Monica Loretti confidently won the trust and recognition of many customers around the world.

Among them, the leading salons in Italy, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Great Britain, Greece, South Africa, Singapore and others.

The success that we have, exceeded our expectations.

We are very pleased that the invested work and our efforts were rewarded with attention and a lot of visitors and orders.

A XXVIII Nemzetközi Esküvő Kiállítás "esküvői divat MOSZKVA"

Volt egy sikeres előadás az olasz márka - MONICA LORETTI

Photosession in Rome

Roman photosession will stay in our memory for a long time.

Rome - is the unforgettable impressions about the eternal town

with ununsual architecture and comfort of small streets.

Exactly unusual views of historical terraces, places of interest and parks

inspired the designers to create the collection "ROME COLLECTION".